What is Yearn Land


Yearn Land upgraded the old Yearn making some important adjustments in first layer protocols. Yearn Land is a DeFi yield aggregator for the lending platforms that during contract engagement rebalances for the maximum yield. For lending providers, Yearn Land makes benefit swapping, shifting the funds autonomously between dydx, Aave, and Compound. Yearn Land assigns a name to its solution as AMM (Automated Market Maker).



  • Yield Farming robots

  • yVaults adopt a special methodology designed to boost deposited asset yields and to minimize risk.


  • Dynamic money markets that serve as building blocks for yVaults are yield-aware

  • yFarm conducts benefit swapping for lending providers, moving the funds autonomously between dydx, Aave and Compound.


  • A tool that allows users to switch between different stablecoins and a bag of stablecoins (yTokens) or pools (yCRV) with interest

  • Save gas fees from the base assets by Zapping directly into or out of Curve pools.


  • yCover offers coverage for various smart contracts and product services underwritten by Nexus Mutual against financial loss.


Yland Finance Ecosystem is made up of the various products being offered: yVaults, yFarm, yZap, yGovernance. To access the ecosystem, an access key inform of Yland Finance ecosystem token with the ticker yLand is used. yLand is the native token of Yland Finance ecosystem. yLand will serve as the means of communication between users and the different products of Yland Finance. To interact with any product line, a user must hold a given unit of yLand.

Find us:

Official Website https://yland.finance

Telegram Channel https://t.me/ylandfinancechannel

Telegram Group https://t.me/ylandfinance

Twitter https://twitter.com/ylandfinance Medium https://medium.com/@ylandfinance Github https://github.com/ylandfinance Reddit https://reddit.com/u/ylandfinance