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Does DeFi project Yearn Land offer big profits? Yearn Land is an ecosystem in itself, unlike other networks and protocols in the DeFi market. By putting toghether various components of the DeFi sector in one location. The platform offers it investors the benefits of "yield farming". In that sense, since its launch, Yearn Land can be considered one of the groundbreaking yield farming platforms. Yield Farming, one of the most common trends among investors, is a combination of various strategies that an investor uses to take advantage of various DeFi protocols to get the highest returns. By supplying them with various tokens (DAI, USDC, USDT, WBTC) to practice yield farming, Yearn Land simply makes it easier for investors. Compared to other protocols, the user interface of the platform is simple to use ad the hurdles an investor has to face when using more than one platform to do yield farming. The creation of the DeFi industry seems to respond to the bullish sentiment that exists in the crypto sector. As a result, the Coinbase exchange reported that its site it considering adding fresh cryptocurrencies. Tokens in the DeFi field are some of the cryptocurrencies that will be introduced. Due to the "Coinbase Effect" the mentioned curencies could profit and enter a new rally. This effect is focused on the positive results, at least in the short term of cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange. It is also likely that the remarkable gains already achieved by YFI and other tokens in the DeFi sector will continue to rise.

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