Who writes code for Yearn Land? Is there a team?

Yes, we are 5 in total. from different places - Switzerland, Russia, Poland,

Why are the project members anonymous?

We are all farmers in the crypto world, with a long history. We draw on the core values of fair-distribution, open-involvement, and decentralization. By eliminating our identities from the equation, we essentially eliminate the single-point-of-failure drawback of many initiatives that claim to be immune to censorship and non-custodial.

Does anyone get paid for working on Yearn Land?

As of this moment, not yet, by the way until now we used our money.

Why purchase yLand??

Withdrawal fee is 0.3% and an additional yield fee of 3% in comparison with the old Yearn where is 0.5% at withdrawal and 5% for yield fee. Instead, Yearn Land allows users to possess yLand tokens to trade and enjoy staking reward features.

Is there a function such as "drainLiquidity()" present in the smart contract?

There isn’t. If you don’t trust the UI, you can use Etherscan or a local node to interact with the contracts,no backdoors, only DeFi.

Why you do a Pre-sale if you already have an working product?

To hit fully our Roadmap goals.

If you already have an working product, why you don't go directly to Uniswap?

As I sad above, all is about Product Development. We want to pin this Yearn Land to the first Yield Farming projects.

Pre-sale Details & Support

What is the minimum/maximum contribution?

Minimum 0.1 ETH and maximum 20 ETH.

Is it safe to invest money in Yearn Land?

Do your own research and decide for yourself.

Is there any KYC?

No, KYC isn't required.

What payment method is accepted in Pre-sale ?

We accept payments only in Ethereum.

What is the ETH price of 1 yLand Token (yLand) in Pre-sale ?

For the Pre-sale, the price of one yLand will be issued at 0.025 Ethereum each, fixed price at the moment of yLand token Smart Contract generation.

What is soft-cap and hard-cap?

Soft-cap is 200 Ethereum and hard-cap is 500 Ethereum

When does Pre-sale start?

Pre-sale will start on September, 2020. Exactly date and hour will be announced on our social media profiles: Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Reddit

When does Pre-sale end?

Presale will end once all yLand tokens are sold out or when the countdown it's over.

How many tokens will there be? And liquidity will be locked on Uniswap?

40,000 tokens in total (Total Supply), with 20,000 for Pre-sale. Unsold tokens from the Pre-sale will be burned. Liquidity will be locked with Unicrypt.

yLand tokens can be bought after the Pre-sale?

yLand will be listed first on Uniswap and then on other crypto exchanges, so, you can buy from there.

What are some hurdles do you think the project development will have to overcome in order to be successful in the future?

There will always be technological hurdles to overcome, which is exactly why we are doing this, because that part is fun! Building a strong community will be extremely important as will be getting participation and know-how from a wide range of industries and disciplines to help us build solutions that solve real problems. Whatever the hurdles may be, we are ready!

When will I get my yLand tokens?

Using ETH as payment method, then your tokens will be transfered instant after your transaction is confirmed, but that's dependigs on the Ethereum Gas/Network Congestion.

I sent my ETH transaction but it says pending? How do I fix this?

You should always make sure to set your gas properly if you want a transaction to go through quickly. Check current gas prices at Ethgasstation or Gas Now.

Will the tokens be listed on exchanges? Can they be traded? When will they be listed in the exchanges?

We will be listing the yLand token in exchanges to spread its use and access to our platform. Stay updated to our social media platforms to find out about the latest information on that matter.

Which wallets can be used to store Token?

yLand Token is an ERC20 token, and can be stored in ERC20 compatible wallets: any wallet that can store Ethereum is convenient. Notice: we do not accept wallets from online exchanges, we recommend MyEtherWallet or any hardware wallet (Ledger Nano S, Trezor).

Feedback & Support

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  • Github — create a new issue in the relevant repository.

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