yLand holders control the ecosystem of Yearn Land and are entitled to receive a portion of the protocol income. Thus, yLand represents a right to rule the site and an earnings claim. Profits from each of the products of Yearn Land are collected.

yLand holders are staking their tokens in the yGovernance contract in order to claim income. Profits from the Yearn Land Treasury Vault are regularly submitted to this deal. Profits are submitted to the yGovernance contract after a $500,000 fund has been collected by the Treasury Vault; this surplus is used to pay for various operating costs including reimbursement from developers and grants from the community. The quantity held in the Treasury Contract prior to the sending of income to the yGovernance Contract is subject to adjustment by the holders of Yearn Land.

Changes to ecosystem yLand holders need to be staked in the yGovernance contract to vote on proposal. Stakeholders are entitled to withdraw their deposits after voting for 48 hours. Unless they have voted on a recent initiative, they are therefore unable to claim their share of accumulated but undistributed income. Profits are distributed as tokens from the yCRV.

More informations will be added.