yLand Pre-sale


We will host our presale on bounce.finance and will start this month, September. Exactly date and hour will be announced, stay updated. Presale will end once all yLand tokens are sold out. Any unsold tokens will be burned. Please be mindful of the many scams around. Website link with ID number will be posted here and in the Official Telegram Announcement Channel or Telegram Group on the day of Presale. Users must have an ERC-20 Wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc..) Please do not use any exchange wallet to purchase yLand tokens. In brief,

Pre-sale Details

Start Date

25 September, 2PM UTC

End Date

27 September, 8PM UTC

Pre-sale Price

0.05 Ethereum = 1 yLand

Soft Cap

400 Ethereum

Hard Cap

1000 Ethereum

Min/Max Contribution

0.1 Ethereum - 20 Ethereum

Uniswap yLand Liquidity

7,000 yLand

Uniswap ETH Liquidity

380 Ethereum

Uniswap Starting Price

0.056 Ethereum = 1 yLand

Min/Max Contribution

0.1 Ethereum - 20 Ethereum

Unsold Tokens


Liquidity Locked

via Unicrypt

Reserved Team Tokens

Locked for 12 months

On-platform, users and Yearn Land partners will transact using the yLand Token (yLand) built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

For Yearn Land, yLand token and Smart Contracts replace fiat currency and privately administered code respectively.

Find us:

Official Website https://yland.finance

Telegram Channel https://t.me/ylandfinancechannel

Telegram Group https://t.me/ylandfinance

Twitter https://twitter.com/ylandfinance Medium https://medium.com/@ylandfinance Github https://github.com/ylandfinance Reddit https://reddit.com/u/ylandfinance