yToken represents a liquidity token issued in return for the deposit(s) of an investor. yTokens are used for a number of uses in Yearn Land products, including lending, liquidity insurance (yCover), and automated, optimized yield farming (yVault).

  • When you deposit into any yearn operation, it is rolled up and returned as a yToken reflecting the liquidity given

  • As example, you will receive yDAI in return if you deposit DAI into

  • The amount of yToken and the token deposited will differ as the yToken represents a share of a pool which is increasing in value

  • You can get a yyToken back if you deposit a yToken in another yearn service


  • LP token for Yearn Land's yCRV yVault

  • aka yyCRV or yyDAI+yUSDC+yUSDT+yTUSD

  • When you deposit yCRV into the yVault you receive yUSD**** LP tokens

  • Earns interest through yCRV, fees and incentives for yield farming through the yVault strategy


  • LP token for Yearn Land's Y pool at


  • Interest receiving token reflecting your share of DAI, USDT, USDC, and TUSDC in the Y pool